A Sound Investment

Pianos have a very long lifespan. In many cases, they are often inherited over several generations and are like little treasures inside the family’s property. In some cases their value is quite equal or sometimes even increasing over the decades, despite being used.

In most cases these are the instruments of the well known manufacturers of pianos like Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Blüthner, Bechstein ...... just to name a few.

To be able to hand down your instrument in good condition to the next generation, it is necessary to continually keep up its maintenance. The
amount of maintenance needed depends on its age and usage, as well as your personal demands of the instrument. The more you take good
preventative care of your piano, the better it will sound and - most importantly - the more you will enjoy playing your instrument!
Inside our workshop we are able to repair all upright and grand pianos of any brand.


Has your instrument been damaged by fire, water, or during transport? Are you looking for an appraisal for your insurance company?
We can offer you the expertise needed and provide you with an official estimate of the costs involved with repairing your instrument.
If you are thinking about selling your piano, we would be able to make you an offer upon inspection.

Michael Roeder

Trade apprenticeship as piano- and harpsichord builder  Steinway & Sons 1987-1991.
Worked for Steinway-Haus Berlin for concert tunings, recording sessions, repairs and piano service for the two music conservatories in Berlin HfM Eisler and UdK Berlin as well as for the private customers.

Graduate of the C. F. Theodore Steinway Academy in Hamburg. concert technician.


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