Rönisch Upright Piano 125 K - black

Upright Piano Rönisch Piano Rönisch 125 KPiano Rönisch 125 K silber

Model 125 K

Height: 125cm 

black high-gloss finish


Price: 10450,00 €

Advanced control - enhanced dynamics

For the progressing pianist, longer action parts combined with an enlarged soundboard area and lengthened strings
afford increased touch sensitivity and greater dynamic range in this stunning Rönisch Model 125. Exceptional
clarity of pitch and lengthened sustain join to form a truly impressive sonority and richness exemplifying the
acknowledged tonal superiority of the best larger uprights. Exquisite matched and inlaid woods adorn
distinctive styles complimenting the most discriminating taste.

Coming soon.


Made in Germany

Production in Germany

  • Height: 118 cm
  • Width: 153 cm
  • Depth: 62 cm
  • Gewicht: 210 kg

7 1/4 Oktaven

At the turn of the century, RÖNISCH had become a leading brand known the world over. Famous artists including Hans von Blow, Richard Strauss,
Edvard Grieg Giacomo Puccini, Anton Rubinstein, Sergej Rachmaninoff and many others played RÖNISCH grands and uprights.

In 1901, the RÖNISCH company was named Imperial Purveyor to the Emperor of Austria and Hungary. One year later in 1902, a cooperative agreement with Ludwig Hupfeld began.
RÖNISCH supplied grand and uptight pianos while Hupfeld installed the pneumatic instrument (Pianola).

A close relation between RÖNISCH and Sergej Rachmaninoff continued as he spent three winters in Dresden with his family from 1906.1908.
His RÖNISCH grand with the serial number 59183 is displayed today at the Rachmaninoff-Museum in Iwanovka, Russia, the former country estate of the family.
Among other works, Sergej Rachmaninoff composed his world-famous 3rd Piano Concerto on this RÖNISCH grand in 1909.

Michael Roeder

Trade apprenticeship as piano- and harpsichord builder  Steinway & Sons 1987-1991.
Worked for Steinway-Haus Berlin for concert tunings, recording sessions, repairs and piano service for the two music conservatories in Berlin HfM Eisler and UdK Berlin as well as for the private customers.

Graduate of the C. F. Theodore Steinway Academy in Hamburg. concert technician.


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